NATO warns that Russia's war in Ukraine might last years
NATO warns that Russia's war in Ukraine might last years

Russia’s war in Ukraine might last years, according to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, who added that providing cutting-edge equipment to Ukrainian troops will boost the likelihood of liberating the Donbas region from Russian control.

“We must be prepared to wait for years. We must not forsake our support for Ukraine “Bild am Sonntag quoted Stoltenberg as saying. “Despite the fact that the expenses are significant, not only in terms of military support, but also in terms of rising oil and food prices.”

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According to Stoltenberg, a NATO summit in Madrid later this month is expected to agree on an assistance package for Ukraine that will assist the country in transitioning from antiquated Soviet-era armament to NATO standard hardware.

On Saturday, Ukraine promised to defeat Moscow as it battled Russian assaults near a key eastern city and various areas were shelled and missile-attacked.

In March, Russian forces were repulsed in an attempt to storm Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv. Russia has since refocused its attention on the Donbas region in Ukraine’s east.

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