Russia warns amid Ukraine War that the risk of nuclear escalation with the US is growing.
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The possibility of a direct military conflict between Russia and the United States is progressively increasing, a senior Russian diplomat was cited as saying on Tuesday by the TASS news agency.

According to Vladimir Yermakov, the director of the foreign ministry’s nuclear non-proliferation division, Washington is raising the risks through its interactions with Moscow.

Moscow has consistently accused the United States and what it refers to as “the collective West” of inciting nuclear war in an effort to scare away Kyiv’s friends since the beginning of its invasion of Ukraine 14 months ago.

In reaction to Moscow’s decision to halt its New START treaty participation, the United States informed Russia in March that it will stop exchanging some information on its nuclear forces.

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In the TASS interview snippets that have been released thus far, Yermakov omitted any information about the purported hostile U.S. strategy.

The risk of nuclear escalation brought on by a direct military conflict between nuclear powers, according to Yermakov, is the current threat that is most pressing.

And, much to our chagrin, these risks are gradually increasing.

Moscow and Beijing will evaluate any prospective Western engagement in the U.S. anti-missile system’s global expansion, which “clearly undermines strategic stability,” he added.