Black Rob, a former Bad Boy artist and rapper, died at the age of 51
Black Rob, a former Bad Boy artist and rapper, died at the age of 51
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According to his former label mate Mark Curry, Black Rob, a New York City rapper who was once a member of Sean “Diddy” Combs’ Bad Boy label, has died. He had been 51 years old for some time.

Rob’s former label mate, Mark Curry, announced his death on Instagram in two videos on Saturday, and Variety confirmed his death through additional sources. Curry says in the first video, “I don’t know where to begin this.” “However, I appreciate everyone’s consideration. Just a few moments ago, Rob passed away.”

In a second video, Curry claimed to have been present when the rapper died. “Rest in peace, my brother,” he said. I’d gone to the location with him. “I was with him,” Curry continued.

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Curry continued, referring to Combs, saying, “I ain’t talked to Puff in 15 years — we talked today.” “We’re about to embark on a new chapter in our lives. Rob made sure he understood what he needed to do to keep us all safe before he left this world, and he did so. “For the rest of your life, you’re a bad boy.”

Although Rob’s cause of death has not been determined, his friend DJ Self recently revealed on Instagram that he was suffering from kidney problems. Curry and producer Mike Zombie launched a GoFundMe campaign on April 11 to assist Rob with his medical bills. Curry announced on Instagram the next day that Rob had been released from the hospital and that he would visit him later to assist with his recovery. Curry said Rob was on dialysis in another video.

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The Bad Boy rapper was born Robert Ross in Buffalo, New York, and grew up in East Harlem, where he began rapping as a teen. He released four studio albums, the most successful of which was his debut “Life Story” in 2000. Rob’s most famous song is “Whoa!” which peaked at No. 43 on the Billboard Hot 100. Rob appeared on Combs’ “Bad Boy 4 Life,” which reached No. 33 on the Billboard Hot 100. Rob reunited with the Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour in 2016 after leaving the label in the mid-2000s.