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Singer Armaan Malik utilized his social media account to share a sequence of photographs from the occasion when he proposed to the fashion influencer Aashna Shroff on Monday.

In a heartwarming update, Aashna Shroff and Armaan Malik have officially entered the realm of engagement. This delightful news was revealed on a Monday as the couple generously shared snapshots capturing the very moment when the renowned “Butta Bomma” singer tenderly proposed to his beloved Aashna Shroff. Reports affirm that Armaan and Aashna Shroff’s romantic journey has spanned since 2019.

Armaan Malik proposed to Aashna Shroff

Today witnessed Aashna and Armaan’s announcement of their engagement, marking a fresh chapter in their life stories. The couple thoughtfully unveiled this monumental instance on their individual Instagram profiles. The captivating photographs hint at a captivating love narrative that has piqued our curiosity.

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In the initial snapshot, Armaan is seen gracefully kneeling, placing an enchanting ring on Aashna’s finger. This gesture took place against a backdrop of picturesque surroundings. A subsequent picture captures Aashna Shroff and Armaan  exuding sheer happiness, with Aashna proudly showcasing her substantial ring. The final image portrays an intimate scene, with Armaan tenderly kissing Aashna’s forehead. Accompanying the images, Armaan penned, “and our forever has only just begun.”

As Armaan wore an elegant off-white suit, Aashna Shroff radiantly adorned a white floral-printed dress. Aashna complemented the photos with the caption, “your leap of faith made me put all my faith in you.” Almost immediately after the engagement news, she updated her profile picture on Instagram.

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Magical Relationship of Aashna Shroff and Armaan Malik

Their profound fondness for each other often graced social media, and their shared appearances at numerous events spoke volumes. However, it wasn’t until 2022 that an insider revealed, “They were seeing each other in 2017 but then broke up. They then started dating again in 2019,” as reported by Sources.

The duo’s romantic involvement was an open secret within influencer circles, with sources expressing surprise that mainstream media hadn’t picked up on it. An insider noted, “They are not hiding their relationship, so it’s weird that no one (from the media) is aware of their relationship. Everyone in the influencers circuit is aware that Aashna Shroff is dating Armaan .” Another source emphasized Armaan’s privacy, stating, “Armaan doesn’t hide it but why does he need to speak about it? He will speak about it when he feels like it.”

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The image captures her proudly displaying a sizable diamond ring, while Armaan embraces her affectionately.


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Armaan is a well-known Bollywood singer who has sang songs like Bol Do Na Zara, Buddhu Sa Mann, Jab Tak, Naina, Tere Mere, and many others. Meanwhile, Aashna Shroff is a fashion influencer with over 974k Instagram followers!