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Legendary American Game Show Host Bob Barker Passes Away at 99

Bob Barker

Renowned American game show presenter and animal rights advocate, Bob Barker, has passed away, as confirmed by Sources.

Bob Barker peacefully left us at his Los Angeles home on Saturday morning, succumbing to natural causes, according to his representative’s statement to Sources.

Bob Barker‘s journey in the realm of game shows commenced when legendary producer Ralph Edwards discovered him through his radio show, subsequently inviting him into the world of television.

His hosting career was ignited with the iconic game show “Truth or Consequences” in 1956, a role he embraced until 1975. His versatile abilities also led him to preside over a range of other game shows and television programs, including “Dream Girl of ’67,” “Tattletales,” ‘Miss Universe,’ and most famously, the enduring favorite “The Price Is Right,” which he produced and hosted until 2007.

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The baton of hosting duties was then passed to Drew Carey, yet the show’s popularity endured, maintaining its cultural impact.

Barker’s on-screen presence extended beyond game shows, gracing several television series and films. Notably, he engaged in an on-screen tussle with Adam Sandler in “Happy Gilmore,” assumed the role of Neil Patrick Harris’ potential father in “How I Met Your Mother,” and frequently portrayed himself in shows like “Futurama,” “Spongebob,” “The Nanny,” and “Martial Law,” among others.

Across the years, Barker faced intermittent struggles with skin cancer, surviving minor bouts. Furthermore, he encountered unfortunate accidents, experiencing falls in both 2015 and 2017, necessitating hospitalization. Another fall occurred in 2019, leading to subsequent medical attention. Additionally, he was transported by ambulance twice in 2018 due to back-related issues.

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Undoubtedly, Barker faced numerous health challenges, especially in recent times. His response to the pandemic in 2020 showcased resilience as he handled self-isolation without difficulty.

A glimpse into his life took place in 2016 on the streets of Hollywood, where he candidly shared details about his ailments. During this interaction, he discussed topics ranging from television to his basketball days and even hinted at a potential rematch with Adam Sandler, demonstrating his amiable nature.

Bob Barker‘s wife, Dorothy Jo, tragically succumbed to lung cancer in 1981. While they did not have children and he never remarried, Bob found support in extended family members who cared for him as he advanced in age.

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Bob Barker‘s legacy lives on as a remarkable figure in the entertainment industry, contributing to game shows, television, and the advocacy of animal rights. He leaves behind a lasting impact that will continue to be celebrated. May he rest in peace.