Go-ahead given to Romford's new primary school
Go-ahead given to Romford's new primary school

The Department of Education has approved plans to build a new primary school.

Unity Schools Partnership, which runs St Edward’s Academy in London Road, will open the school in Bridge Close.

As part of its plans to create an educational hub, Unity Schools Partnership is also in the process of building a special school on the grounds of St Edward’s Academy.

Chief Executive Tim Coulson said: “We are pleased that we have approved our application to open a new primary school in Bridge Close, Romford.”

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We have got to know the educational needs of children and families in Romford since St Edward’s Academy became a member school, and we have developed a real affection for the community.

Because of the amazing improvements that took place at St Edward’s under the leadership of Jodie Hassan and her fantastic team, we know we have been approved.

Our plan has always been to expand educational opportunities in the city and have a group of schools in Romford working together. In opening new schools, we have strong experience and we are very excited to open two new schools in Romford, a primary and a special school.

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The primary school will start as a one-form primary school entry and grow to three forms in each year group over the years.

For kids with special educational needs, it will have a nursery and specialist provision.

An opening date had not been confirmed yet, Mr. Coulson said, but it would work closely with the Havering Council and the Department of Education and would be announced as soon as possible with more details.

Ms. Hassan said: “We are pleased that the go-ahead has been given to the new primary school.” We look forward to working closely with primary school staff, as well as with new students and their families.

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A Suffolk-based trust composed of 31 secondary, primary, and special schools is the Unity Schools Partnership.