With an eye on China, the G7 will announce more sanctions against Russia in response to the Ukraine conflict
With an eye on China, the G7 will announce more sanctions against Russia in response to the Ukraine conflict

A senior US official said Wednesday that leaders at the next G7 summit in Germany will unveil fresh measures aimed at punishing Russia over its invasion of Ukraine.

“We will present a concrete set of recommendations to put pressure on Russia,” the official said. US Vice President Joe Biden will fly to Bavaria on Saturday to join the leaders of the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, and Japan for the summit.

The club of affluent democracies is at the centre of a fierce economic and diplomatic effort to punish Russia, which invaded Ukraine in February and continues to conduct conflicts across the pro-Western country’s eastern part, as well as occupying swaths of the south.

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Following the G7 summit on Sunday and Tuesday, Biden will head to Madrid for a NATO military alliance summit next week.

Ukraine and Russia will figure prominently in both diplomatic conferences as allies consider how to deal with the indirect effects of Russian sanctions on their own economy, particularly in terms of rising fuel prices.

“How can we inflict the most damage on Putin’s regime? How do we limit the impact on the rest of the world? And I believe that is precisely how the debate around energy markets and energy market concerns will be presented “a US official told reporters on the condition of anonymity.

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The official also confirmed that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky would speak at both summits, although via video link from his troubled country.

Aside from the escalating dispute with Russia, NATO leaders are due to formally designate China as a concern for the first time when they sign off on a new version of the alliance’s strategic concept.

It is “intended to address the difficulties we’re experiencing from China This will be the first time that this document has done so. That was not included in the document’s 2010 revision “the official stated.

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