A bill to make Diwali a federal holiday will be introduced in the US Congress
A bill to make Diwali a federal holiday will be introduced in the US Congress
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With Diwali approaching, US Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney plans to present legislation in the US Congress to make Diwali a federal holiday. If the measure is passed, Diwali will be celebrated in government institutions with significant populations, honouring the cultural legacy of millions of Indian Americans who celebrate the holiday in the United States.

Members of the India Caucus, including Congressman Ro Khanna, Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi, and other advocates will join the Democrat Congressman from New York on Wednesday to introduce her proposal on Capitol Hill.

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Sanjeev Joshipura, Executive Director, Indiaspora, will join the congresswoman, who has long been a supporter of the Indian diaspora, to represent members of the Indian American community.

Congressman Maloney has previously worked with advocates across the country and led congressional efforts to persuade the US Postal Service to approve and produce a commemorative stamp honouring Diwali, which has been in circulation since 2016.

Maloney was a staunch supporter of the cause, believing that “a relatively tiny action might have enormous significance for millions of people.”

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US senators have previously stated during a Diwali celebration event that Hindu-American culture has improved both the US and the world. A huge number of legislators, administration officials, and prominent community leaders from across the country usually attend the event. The celebration was limited this year because to COVID-19 and event attendance limits, however it was webcast live.

This year’s Diwali will occur on November 4th.