According to Syria, Israeli planes fired missiles at the port city
According to Syria, Israeli planes fired missiles at the port city

Multiple missiles impacted the container area in the port, putting some of them on fire, according to Syria’s state television, citing an unnamed military official. Additional information was not provided by the official.

It was an unusual attack on the port of Latakia, which handles a significant portion of Syria’s imports. Five explosions were heard in the port, according to Syrian state television, and a large fire broke out in the containers area, prompting fire trucks to hurry to the scene.

The Israeli military did not respond to the report. Hundreds of strikes against government-controlled Syrian sites have been carried out by Israel over the years, although the country rarely admits or discusses them.

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In the past, some of the strikes have targeted Damascus’ main airport.

Israel has admitted, however, that it attacks Iranian-backed militias’ sites, such as Lebanon’s Hezbollah, which has fighters in Syria. It claims to be targeting weapons shipments destined for militias.

In Syria’s decade-long civil war, Hezbollah is fighting alongside President Bashar Assad’s army.

Israel claims that the presence of Iranian troops on its northern border constitutes a red line, justifying its assaults against Syrian installations and weapons.