Home CRIME A Gang Steals Cooking Oil From A Police Van in Karachi

A Gang Steals Cooking Oil From A Police Van in Karachi

A Gang Steals Cooking Oil From A Police Van in Karachi

According to ARY News, the Karachi police detained a three-person group that had a history of robbing police vans of their cooking oil supplies.

In a raid on Thursday near the Garden Headquarters, more than five potential gang members were identified, according to police statements to the media.

The people detained include a police officer, a worker, and the owner of a go-down. Further information from the police was provided to ARY News, who noted that the armed men in the police van had previously been seen robbing trucks carrying stockpiles of cooking oil in District Central.

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They added that dozens of robberies were reported in the previous month. Cooking oil was once hidden in the go-down by the accused after the robberies.

Following a number of house invasions in the Defence and Clifton area, the Clifton division police were able to apprehend two suspects earlier this month in a successful tip-off operation.

The suspects, Ashraf alias Achho and Asif, are charged with being the bosses of a gang of thieves that carried out many thefts in Karachi’s affluent neighbourhood.

The three robbers from the Achho gang are purportedly the ones the police are most searching for, according to Ahmed Chaudhry, superintendent of Police (SP) Clifton, according to ARY News.

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Thousands of dollars’ worth of costly jewellery and other items were discovered by the police during the operation.

Additionally, the authorities took the accused’s instruments used in the thefts.

According to Clifton SP, the gang had three members, and Khurshid, one of their associates, was already doing time in prison for his part in related crimes.

The police official said in a statement that the group had committed robberies for close to 16 years and had cost the locals a great deal of money, according to ARY News.