"A coup against Putin is starting, and it will be impossible to put down," says Ukraine's General Staff
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A top Ukrainian military official has declared that a coup to depose Russian President Vladimir Putin is underway and cannot be halted, despite the current war in eastern Europe.

Major General Kyrylo Budanov projected that the battle would reach a turning point by mid-August and be over by the end of the year in an exclusive interview with Sky News. He predicted that if Russia lost the conflict in Ukraine, Putin would be deposed and Russia would fall apart.

“It will eventually result in the Russian Federation’s leadership changing. This process has already begun, and they are progressing in that direction “According to Major General Budanov. When asked if a coup was taking place, military officials said, “Yes.” They’re headed in this direction, and there’s no stopping them.”

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Mr Budanov further stated that the Kremlin leader suffers from cancer and other illnesses. Mr Putin is in “extremely severe psychological and physical condition, and he is quite unwell,” according to him. Mr Budanov scoffed at charges that he was distributing misinformation as part of the information war, insisting that his claims were correct.

“It’s my job, it’s my job,” he continued. “If it weren’t for me, who would know?”

It’s worth noting that there’s rising concern about Mr Putin’s health, with various reports claiming that he’s sick. A number of images circulating on social media show Russian President Vladimir Putin shaking while greeting Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, fuelling speculation that he suffers from Parkinson’s disease.

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The Russian president’s suspected illness has elicited no response from the Kremlin. According to news.com.au, the Kremlin is said to have strict control over Mr Putin’s public appearances, including limiting the length of his meetings in order to maintain his strongman image.

Meanwhile, a Ukrainian military source told Sky News that Russia is losing a lot of soldiers in the fight. Despite the fact that Europe views Russia as a major danger, he claims that Ukraine understands that “Russian power is a fantasy.” “It doesn’t have the same impact as this.” Mr Budanov claimed, “It’s a horde of people with guns.”

He said that Russian soldiers had been forced close to the border at Kharkiv, and that Russia had suffered “serious losses” in manpower and armour.

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