Trump campaign officials, lead by Rudy Giuliani, coordinated a sham voter registration scheme in seven states

According to three people with firsthand knowledge of the conspiracy, Trump campaign officials, led by Rudy Giuliani, coordinated preparations in December 2020 to present bogus electors from seven states that Trump lost.

Members of former President Donald Trump’s campaign staff, according to the sources, were significantly more involved than previously known in the strategy, which was a key element of the larger conspiracy to reverse President Joe Biden’s win when Congress counted the electoral votes on January 6.

According to one source, there were many planning conversations between Trump campaign executives and GOP state operatives, and Giuliani was present on at least one of them. The Trump team also lined up supporters to complete elector positions, arranged meeting spaces in statehouses for the fake electors to gather on December 14, 2020, and distributed draughts of false certificates that were eventually mailed to the National Archives, according to the source.

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In Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Arizona, Wisconsin, Nevada, and New Mexico, Trump and several of his closest aides publicly supported the “alternative electors” concept. However, behind the scenes, Giuliani and Trump campaign staffers carefully coordinated the process, according to the individuals.
At a recent gathering given by a local Republican organization, one phony elector from Michigan claimed that the entire operation was orchestrated by the Trump campaign.

“We battled hard to ensure that the electors were seated. The Trump campaign urged us to do so “Meshawn Maddock, co-chair of the Michigan Republican Party, stated this last week at a public event organized by the conservative group Stand Up Michigan.

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