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Elon Musk on "Leaked Internal Loose Messages" About Him: "Interesting"

Elon Musk, the soon-to-be-owner of microblogging website Twitter, reacted to leaked Slack messages from employees discussing their future boss while tackling an all-hands meeting on Thursday.
“Interesting,” Mr. Musk said in reaction to a Twitter video of the Slack messages. Nearly 50,000 people enjoyed the billionaire’s response, with some wondering why Twitter employees had become “crybabies.” “Do they not realize they have other options, especially in this economy? Many people are looking for work. If you’re not satisfied, you go somewhere else. If an employer can’t find anyone to work for him, he either changes his strategy or goes bankrupt “A user tweeted about it.

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According to Reuters, Twitter employees decided to post memes on Slack and made complaints that Mr Musk was not supplying useful answers on his business vision and employee compensation.

The purpose of the All-Hands meeting was for Mr Musk to assuage employees’ concerns before lawfully taking over the company.

According to Vox, Mr Musk began the meeting by saying, “I love Twitter.” “Some people express themselves through their hair, while I use Twitter. I find it to be the best forum for communicating with a large number of people at the same time, as well as getting the message directly to people “The outlet also quoted him as saying.

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Mr Musk then stated that Twitter would need to reduce its workforce, but provided few other additional revelations about his $44 billion takeover of the social media company.

He arrived 10 minutes late to the free-wheeling question-and-answer session moderated by a Twitter executive, during which Mr Musk speculated on the existence of aliens and other space civilizations, as well as his belief that Twitter should aid “civilization and consciousness.”

The Tesla CEO, who is also the CEO of rocket company SpaceX, told Twitter employees that he wants to increase the service’s user base from 229 million to at least 1 billion people, and that advertising would continue to be important for the company.
“There requires to be some headcount and expense rationalisation. Right now, the costs outnumber the revenues. Anyone who’s a significant contributor really have nothing to complain about,” said Mr Musk.

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When employees asked Mr Musk about his thoughts on working remotely, he said he believed Twitter employees should prefer to work in an office, but he was willing to make some exceptions. He believes that the preference should be “strongly toward working in individual, but if someone is exceptional, remote work can be okay.”