Home WORLD Africa Twitter engineers who criticise Elon Musk are publicly punished by him

Twitter engineers who criticise Elon Musk are publicly punished by him

Twitter engineers, criticise Elon Musk, publicly punished, Eric Frohnhoefer
Twitter engineers who criticise Elon Musk are publicly punished by him

Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter Inc., has admitted to being a “free speech absolutist” and has resorted to terminating employees who openly disagree with him on the social media platform.
In one instance, Musk made the termination public via a tweet. In another, the former worker claimed that his public criticism of Musk led to his termination. On Sunday, Musk’s tweet was shared along with a response from engineer Eric Frohnhoefer, who works on the Twitter app for the Android mobile operating system. Frohnhoefer said that Musk’s knowledge of a technical aspect of the Twitter app was “incorrect.

A user questioned Frohnhoefer about why he hadn’t privately discussed his feedback with his new supervisor after Frohnhoefer made several attempts to clarify his views in tweets. Maybe he should ask questions privately, the engineer who has been with Twitter for more than eight years retorted. Consider using email or Slack.

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Musk announced Frohnhoefer’s dismissal in a post on Monday morning. A saluting emoji, which many workers used when they were let off earlier this month, was included in Frohnhoefer’s retweet of that article. Requests for comments on Frohnhoefer’s status from Twitter and Frohnhoefer were not immediately fulfilled.

Since Musk took over late last month, Twitter has been in a state of anarchy. The fact that Musk sacked half of the company’s 7,000+ employees, including the majority of the senior management, just a week after his $44 billion buyout hasn’t gone unnoticed by many workers.

The company culture was quickly altered by the millionaire. Prior to Musk’s arrival, employees frequently voiced their opinions on internal Slack channels and via email, occasionally sharing criticism or concerns with the entire firm. While publicly challenging leadership at Twitter was not a common practise before Musk, it did occur.

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Current and former employees claim that as a result of Musk’s moves, there has been a breakdown in internal communication regarding who is in charge and the company’s priorities.

The actions have also raised worries that San Francisco-based Twitter is susceptible to service interruptions or technical difficulties. Employees weren’t given a clear explanation for the Monday code block by Twitter, which halted app updates.