World Music Day 2022: Theme and Importance of the Day
World Music Day 2022: Theme and Importance of the Day

Music has never been more widely available than it is today. We may listen to our favourite music by selecting the genres and performers we enjoy with a simple swipe on our cellphones. That is why World Music Day is so important to today’s youth. The 21st of June is World Music Day. The energy of music, the liveliness of vocals, and the melody of instruments are all celebrated on this day. In 1982, the day was initially known as Fete de la Musique in France. It was organised by Jack Lange, the French Minister of Art and Culture at the time, and Maurice Fleuret, a French composer.

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Theme of World Music Day 2022

The theme of World Music Day 2022 is “Music at the Crossroads.”


World Music Day was created to make music more approachable and consumable to the younger generation. Back in 1982, Jack Lange and Maurice Fleuret noticed that the music of the day did not reflect the kids who played instruments. As a result, they intended to hold a concert in Paris’s public areas with the assistance of architect-scenographer Christian Dupavillon. The performance took place on June 21, that year, and it highlighted the presence of both professional and amateur musicians from all across France.

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Other nations adopted this annual performance to commemorate music and music performers in 1985, which is also known as the European Year of Music. At the European Festival of Music in Budapest in 1997, a charter was signed that officially designated the day as World Music Day.

How should World Music Day be celebrated?

On World Music Day, musicians from all across the world organise concerts. The festivities are no longer limited to European countries. In fact, 120 countries celebrate the day, including India, Italy, Greece, Russia, Australia, Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, China, and Malaysia. World Music Day is commonly marked by festivals, parades, fairs, feasts, and dance parties.

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