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Former US President Donald Trump claims that both the Queen and Camilla wanted his attention at the 2019 State Dinner

Former US President Donald Trump claimed that Queen Elizabeth and Duchess of Cornwall Camilla would compete at a royal banquet in 2019. He made the startling claim on Talk TV’s new show hosted by Piers Morgan.
During a June 2019 event at Buckingham Palace, Mr Trump said he was joined by Camilla, the Queen, his wife Melania, and other children.
“She (Camilla) was on my right, the Queen was on my left, and I said to the Queen, ‘Queen, I will have to talk to Camilla for a little while as well.'” According to a clip of the show posted on Twitter by Mr Morgan, Mr Trump said, “We couldn’t break apart.”
Camilla was great because she was funny, smart, quick, and funny. I like her as well. “I like Charles,” the former US President added.

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Mr. Morgan is then heard asking Mr. Trump if Charles and Camilla will make good kings and queens when the time comes. “‘I’m hoping so. “I believe it will be difficult because they are truly replacing a legend when you talk about this woman (the Queen),” Mr Trump said.

The 75-year-old former US President also claimed that when he sat next to the Queen at the state banquet, she “had a good time.”
“I sat beside her and we talked the entire night.” And someone said, ‘We’ve never seen her smile so big before.’ We had a fantastic time. In another video, he says, “She was laughing and smiling.”

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“They said they’d never seen her have so much fun at a state dinner.” Normally, they’re a little monotonous. Okay, this wasn’t boring,” Mr Trump added.

The former President expressed his admiration for the Queen, saying she is incredible and devoted to her country. He did, however, criticise Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s relationship, claiming that the Prince is “whipped” by Meghan. He called Prince Harry “so disrespectful to the country.”