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Health Workers Cut the Head of a Newborn and Place It Inside Pak's Hindu Woman's Womb

In a case of gross medical negligence, staff at a rural health center in Pakistan’s Sindh province amputated a newborn baby’s head and left it inside the mother’s womb, putting the 32-year-old Hindu woman in danger. The terrible tragedy prompted the Sindh government to establish a medical inquiry board to investigate the incident and identify the perpetrators.
“The Bheel Hindu woman, who comes from a remote village in Tharparkar district, went to a Rural Health Centre (RHC) in her area first, but because there was no female gynecologist available, the trainee caused her enormous trauma,” said Professor Raheel Sikander, who heads the gynaecology unit at the Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences (LUMHS) in Jamshoro.
In a botched surgery on Sunday, RHC staff snipped off the newborn baby’s head in the mother’s womb as well as left it inside her, he said.

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When the woman found herself in an existence situation, she was rushed to a nearby hospital in Mithi, where no facilities were available to treat her. Her family eventually brought her to LUMHS, where the rest of the newborn’s body was removed from the mother’s womb, risking her life, he said.

According to Sikandar, the baby’s head was entrapped inside, the mother’s uterus had ruptured, and they needed to open up her abdominal muscles surgically and remove the baby’s head to save her life.
The horrifying blunder prompted Sindh Health Services Director General Dr Juman Bahoto to order separate investigations into the case.

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He stated that the inquiry committees will investigate what occurred, particularly the abrogation of a gynaecologist and female staff members at the RHC in Chachro.
The inquiry committees will also look into findings that the woman had her video taken while lying on a gurney.

“Apparently, some staff members took her photos on a cell phone in the gynaecology ward and shared those photos with various WhatsApp groups,” Juman explained.