A lightning strike near the White House has critically injured four people
A lightning strike near the White House has critically injured four people

Four individuals were critically injured in a lightning strike near the White House on Thursday, according to officials in the US capital.

According to a statement from Washington’s fire and emergency department, lightning struck a small park across the street from the White House, injuring two men and two women with “serious life-threatening injuries.”

All of the victims have been transferred to nearby hospitals.

Multiple ambulances and at least one fire engine with bright lights were seen working at the scene in photos provided to social media by the department.

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Uniformed US Park Police officers and Secret Service agents were also on the site and immediately offered aid to the patients, an EMS spokesman stated during a news briefing.

“We were able to immediately treat and transport those four persons to surrounding hospitals,” Maggiolo said during a press conference on Thursday at 8:30 p.m.


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It’s unclear if the four people knew each other, but Maggiolo believes they were standing near a tree when the lightning struck.

When thunder and lightning are prevalent, Maggiolo advised reporters to avoid trees and go indoors.

On Thursday evening, a violent thunderstorm slammed the United States capital.