UN Women's Director-General calls on the Taliban to respect Afghan women's rights
UN Women's Director-General calls on the Taliban to respect Afghan women's rights

A senior UN official has urged the Taliban authorities in Afghanistan to respect women’s rights.

“Women have the right to peaceful protest and to live in a peaceful environment. The Taliban authorities assume a responsibility to respect and preserve these rights if they gain control of Afghanistan “Pramila Patten, UN Women’s officer-in-charge, was reported by the Xinhua news agency as saying.

“The photos of women in Afghanistan being whipped, assaulted with shock batons, and beaten just for exercising their right to peaceful protest astound and anger me. I stand in solidarity with all Afghan women struggling for the recognition of their basic rights and liberties “Patten stated.

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“I once again call on the Taliban to fulfil their obligations to ensure the full rights of all Afghan women and girls, to end the wholly unacceptable normalisation of violence against them, and to monitor and investigate these violations so that perpetrators are held accountable whenever and wherever such violence occurs,” she said.

Promises made by Taliban officials to respect women’s and girls’ rights have little credibility when such gross crimes occur with impunity. She went on to say that immediate action is needed to ensure that women can completely, equally, and safely exercise their right to participate in Afghanistan’s public and political life.

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