Taliban Restaurant Gender Segregation Plan
Taliban Restaurant Gender Segregation Plan "Even If Husband-Wife"

According to a media report published on Friday, the Taliban have implemented a gender segregation strategy in western Herat province.

According to Khaam Press, quoting sources in Herat province, men are not allowed to dine with family members in family restaurants.

The Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice’s rule applies “even if they are husband and wife,” according to the Afghan news agency.

According to an Afghan woman, the manager of a Herat restaurant advised her to seat away from her husband.

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According to Riazullah Seerat, a Taliban official at the Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, the ministry has issued an order requiring Herat’s public parks to be gender-segregated, with men and women only permitted to visit on different days.

“On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, we told women to go to parks,” he said. “On the other days, males are welcome to come for recreation and fitness.”

A similar edict was issued by the Taliban in March, prohibiting men and women from visiting amusement parks on the same day.

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In a joint statement issued earlier today, foreign ministers from Western countries underlined their disappointment with the Taliban’s increasing restrictions on Afghan women’s human rights.

“Afghans should be permitted to exercise their basic human rights. These rights are unalienable and indivisible, as stated in international human rights law and recognised by all UN members “the declaration read.