"National Crisis": Australia's Prime Minister Addresses "Cabbage-Gate" at KFC
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Australia’s Prime Minister joked Thursday that he would meet with top officials to discuss the rising cost of lettuce and local KFCs’ plan to replace the verdant leaf with a cabbage mix on their Zinger Burgers.

Anthony Albanese, the centre-left leader, called the fast-food chain’s action “insane,” adding that the situation had become a national “crisis.”

Due to recent flooding and high worldwide petroleum prices, lettuce prices in Australian cities have risen by up to 300 percent.

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A single head of iceberg lettuce, which used to cost around $2, now costs around $8 in Sydney and Melbourne.

As a result, KFC informed Australian customers that the lettuce in its products will be reduced in favour of a 50-50 lettuce-cabbage combination.

“Cabbage and lettuce are not the same thing. That is completely incorrect “Albanese told Sydney radio station KIIS FM.

“I’ll add it on the Cabinet meeting agenda for today. Cabbage-gate.”