Journey far from over: Trump's first speech in the White House
Journey far from over: Trump's first speech in the White House

Former US President Donald Trump hinted at a third presidential run in his first public appearance since leaving office but said he has no plans to form a political party. “I stand before you today to declare that the incredible journey we began together four years ago is far from over,” Obama said in his first speech since leaving the White House last month.

“This afternoon, we’ve gathered to talk about the future — the future of our movement, the future of our party, and the future of our beloved country,” Trump said at the CPAC 2021 Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, Florida.

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“Do you think I’ve forgotten about you?” As he began his remarks, Trump asked the audience. He stated that he is “not starting a new party” and added, “There are no masks, there are no double masks,” referring to the mostly mask-free audience.

“Actually, as you know, they just lost the White House,” Trump said of the Democrats, repeating his claim that he had won the election last fall. “Who knows, I might even decide to beat them for the third time,” he added, declining to reveal his plans for 2024.

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He accused his successor, US President Joe Biden, of being anti-jobs, anti-family, anti-borders, anti-energy, anti-women, and anti-science, according to Sputnik.

“Joe Biden has had the worst first month of any president in modern history,” Trump said, describing Biden’s immigration policy as a betrayal of America’s core values. It was Trump’s first major public appearance since stepping down from the presidency, and he spoke about the country’s looming border crisis.

CPAC is an annual conference hosted by the American Conservative Union and held this year in Florida. The four-day event concludes on Sunday, with the ex-President expected to announce his future political plans.

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Former President Barack Obama predicted that the Democrats would lose the White House in four years and reiterated his allegations of election fraud.

“[US President Joe] Biden has failed in his most important role as president: enforcing US laws. This should be enough to ensure that Democrats lose big in the midterm elections and lose the White House in four years “Trump expressed his viewpoint.

“At the moment, you know, they just lost the White House.”