The Chinese Covid Surge is 'basically' over but is not yet fully over
The Chinese Covid Surge is 'basically' over but is not yet fully over
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The COVID-19 epidemic in China has “basically” ended, according to health officials, but it hasn’t fully subsided because seven imported cases of the extremely contagious XBB.1.5 variant have been discovered since January 8.

Officials claimed that China’s “major decisive triumph” over COVID has set an example for populous countries in prevention and control while speaking at a news event with representatives from several departments in attendance.

China’s top leaders proclaimed a “decisive triumph” over COVID last week, claiming the country had the lowest fatality rate in the world. However, experts questioned the data as the virus recently spread throughout the nation after being largely contained for three years.

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In preparation for the virus spreading to rural regions, the nation strengthened its healthcare infrastructure. Critical care beds increased from 198,000 to 404,000, according to officials at the press conference on Thursday.

For months, health authorities and specialists have also been keeping an eye on the Omicron sub-variant XBB.1.5. Data indicated no new variant had been discovered in the nation as of January 4.

A local instance of the variant was connected to an imported case on February 3, according to officials on Thursday.

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