This year’s solstice coincides with a special astronomical event – the “Great Conjunction” of the Jupiter and Saturn.

Google Doodle celebrates the solstice , 21 December, today. Solstice is that the shortest day and therefore the longest night of the year. It’s a phenomena that happens when one among the Earth’s poles has its maximum tilt faraway from the Sun.

After solstice , days begin to be longer and nights shorter for people within the hemisphere . The reversal happens within the hemisphere .

This year’s solstice is extremely special because it coincides with another special astronomical event – the “Great Conjunction” of the Jupiter and Saturn.

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The Greater Conjunction is rare planetary alignment, where Jupiter and Saturn are going to be appearing closer together within the evening sky in nearly 800 years. They will not appear this close until 2080, so it’s just one occasion event in your life.

The animated Google Doodle shows solstice Great Conjunction, wherein the Saturn and Jupiter meet for a fast high five, and therefore the solstice because the literally “snow capped” Earth watching the opposite two planets.

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The event “Great Conjunction” of Jupiter and Saturn is additionally referred to as the “Christmas Star of 2020.”


This event, the good Conjunction, again will happen after 60 years, consistent with the NASA.



Google Doodle described the thanks to see the good Conjunction. You would like to seek out a spot with an unobstructed view of the sky, like a field or park. It’ll be visible after an hour later of Sunset. Jupiter will appear as if a bright star and be easily visible within the southwestern sky, whereas Saturn are going to be slightly fainter and can appear slightly above and to the left of Jupiter until December 21. When Jupiter will overtake it and that they will reverse positions within the sky. You’ll use binoculars, but you’ll see planets with the unaided eye too.

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