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5 Funny April Fool’s Pranks for Boyfriends, That Will give The Funniest Response

April Fools ‘Day is coming in a few days, girls. Are you well trained to find out which friend’s request for support is false and which one is true? Were you willing to render a face in your own phony plea? The cuties trust us sufficiently not to challenge us-even today! So get some fun started in your partnership and try some of our cool little April Fools pranks with a lover.
Such easy (and harmless) pranks will hopefully bring you closer together.

  1. Say Him that you’re outside His House to surprise Him!
    When he’s either coming out or down, text him—’Just kidding!
    ‘Or if you think it’s too harsh, a hideaway for a bit, wait to see the expression on your face until you walk forward!

2. Tell Him That Your Parents Are Going To Visit
How does your boyfriend actually feel about your mom and dad? That is the only way to know-to tell him that your parents are going to live with you guys for a month. In reality, don’t let him have a joke until the last moment.

Enjoy the facial expression till las moment.

3. Wake Him Early In The Morning To Ask Him Your Parents Were Visiting
We assume you’ve already seen this scenario in your mind and even enjoyed it also before prank. Yeah! Yeah! It’s going to be interesting.
Only wake him up and remind him your parents are going to be here early. He’d try to run out of there, or just be tense for a couple of minutes. (The best thing is that he may also miss the date early in the morning, so he won’t blame you!)

4. Marker Madness
This joke is old school and completely analogous — and it’s not going to cost you anything. When he rests, put a sketch pen on his forehead and draw as per your choice. When he gets up and looks in the mirror … yeah, he’s going to realize it’s April Fool’s Day!

5. I am Pregnant
Leave copies of maternity books concerning your position and theirs. To make it more believable, keep a couple of them accessible and illustrate vital lines to make it seem like you’ve heard about your pregnancy for a while now. (Warning: Treat this one with great care. Don’t claim I didn’t warn you about it.)

Happy April Fools ‘Day to you and your friend, if you even have one to perform such pranks on them.


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