World Theatre Day, March 27, Theme, Theatre and a Culture of Peace
World Theatre Day

For centuries, the most popular art form has been theatre and drama. Since we were children, we have studied and heard about great playwrights. “Theatre is a verb before it is a noun, an act before it is a place,” says Martha Graham. World Theatre Day is observed on March 27 all over the world. People used to enjoy drama as a form of entertainment before the invention of the screen and films. Theatre is used as a medium to reflect our society, and it depicts culture and traditions from all over the world in various languages. Thus, World Theatre Day is observed to preserve and promote dramas that people still enjoy today.

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Since 1962, the International Theatre Institute has commemorated this day in theatre communities around the world. On World Theatre Day, the first message was written by French playwright Jean Cocteau. The first ITI conference was held in Helsinki, Finland, and the second in Vienna, Austria.

Theatres represent and aim to tell a story to the audience that is developed right in front of your eyes on the stage. The day is significant because it raises awareness of the medium, as well as the efforts and contributions of each artist, who is putting on the show. The day emphasizes the importance of art forms and makes people aware of the value of art forms.

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Every year, the theme for World Theatre Day is different. The theme for this day is ‘Theatre and a Culture of Peace’ every year. Celebrities and theatre artists use social media to share their industry experiences. They also exchange greetings and raise awareness about the holiday. People need to understand and learn about the beauty of theatres now that people are turning to smaller screens. Governments and organizations also pitch in to raise awareness of the significance of this day through the use of the internet and events.

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