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The United States condemns China's support for Russia and pledges to assist India

A senior US diplomat has warned China that it will face sanctions if it provides “material support” to Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine, while also promising to assist India in weaning itself off Russian weapons. China was not helping the situation in Ukraine by, for example, amplifying Russian disinformation campaigns, according to US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman, speaking at an event in Brussels on Thursday. She expressed hope that Beijing will take the “right lessons” from Russia’s war, such as the fact that it cannot separate the United States from its allies.
“They’ve seen what we’ve done in terms of sanctions, export controls, designations, vis-a-vis Russia, then it should give them a few suggestion of the menu from that we could choose if indeed China were to provide material support,” Sherman told a crowd at an event hosted by the European Union-funded Friends of Europe group.
Sherman also stated that, given the impact of global sanctions on Russia’s arms industry, the US would work with India to assist the country in transitioning away from its traditional reliance on Russian weapons.

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“They understand that their military, which was constructed on Russian weapons, likely doesn’t have a future with Russian weapons anymore because our punitive measures have pushed Russia’s military-industrial complex back – and it’s not coming back any time soon,” she said.
China said this week that it intends to strengthen strategic ties with Russia, demonstrating that the relationship remains strong despite growing concerns about war crimes committed by Putin’s forces. At the same time, Chinese companies have been complying with US sanctions, despite the government’s objections on the basis of sovereignty.

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India has taken a similar stance to China on the war, supporting calls for a cease-fire and a diplomatic solution while abstaining from votes on draught resolutions condemning Russia at the United Nations. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s administration, which met with President Joe Biden earlier this month, has told the US that it requires Russian weapons to secure its border with China because alternatives are too expensive.