Iran will respond to the assassination of its top nuclear scientist in a “calculated and decisive manner, the top advisor to Iran’s supreme leader said.

whereas a hardline newspaper indicated Tehran’s revenge should involve targeting the Israeli city of Haifa.

Iran will definitely give a calculated and decisive reply to the murderers who took Martyr Mohsen Fakhrizadeh from the Iranian nation,” Kamal Kharrazi, who is also chief of Iran’s Foreign Relations Strategic Council, said in a comment.

Mohsen Fakhrizadeh , long suspected of planning and executing a secret nuclear weapons programme by the Western and Israeli governments, was gunned down on a highway near Tehran on Friday in his car.

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Iran’s clerical and military rulers have condemned Israel, the Islamic Republic’s long-standing rival, for killing Mohsen Fakhrizadeh .

In the past,Iran has been suspected Israel of killing a number of Iranian nuclear scientists since 2010.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office refused to answer questions on the assassination.

Where as on Saturday, Israeli cabinet minister Tzachi Hanegbi said that he did not know who done it.

Iran’s hardline media called for a tough revenge on Sunday.

If an Israeli role in the assassination of the Mohsen Fakhrizadeh has been identified. whose chief editor is named Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader, called for an assault on the Israeli port of Haifa.

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Since 2018, when President Donald Trump left Iran’s 2015 nuclear agreement with six major powers and put restrictions that hit Iran’s economy badly, there has been high tension between Tehran and Washington.

Tehran has steadily infringed upon the deal’s nuclear programme in response.

Biden said that if Iran continues to comply, he will return the United States to the agreement.

Iran has repeatedly declined to seek nuclear weapons.