Florida's top doctor refuses to declare if he's been immunised

During a tense confirmation hearing on Tuesday, Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo refused to reveal whether he had got a coronavirus vaccine. Democrats pressured the state’s top doctor to promote the injections.

Ladapo, who was appointed by Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis in September, has drawn national attention for his tight alignment with the governor in fighting COVID-19 vaccination requirements and other federal health policy.
Democrats became visibly upset with Ladapo on Tuesday, accusing him of avoiding questions and risking public health by taking a laissez-faire attitude to vaccinations.

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“It appears that there have been a lot of doubts concerning immunizations, and there is some ambiguity on your part.” “Is there a reason why you can’t simply come out and say that you feel vaccinations are a very crucial step for prevention?” questioned Democrat Sen. Tina Polsky, pressing Ladapo to divulge his personal vaccination status.

Ladapo refused to answer if he had been vaccinated, claiming that such information is private medical information. He also stated that “with the immunizations, the protection from illness reduces over time,” but “sadly, there has been little debate about this.” The surgeon general has already said that immunizations are highly efficient in preventing hospitalization and death.

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“I personally feel that individuals can make their own judgments with knowledge, and I believe that in some respects, they probably make decisions that they are more comfortable with if components like coercion, distortion of data, or data concealment are not part of the process,” he added.
Ladapo and Polsky’s spat comes months after the surgeon general was ordered to leave a meeting in Polsky’s office for refusing to wear a mask. She had informed him she had a major medical ailment, which she subsequently revealed was breast cancer. Ladapo issued a statement in which he expressed his “sadness” at the news of her sickness and offered her “blessings and strength.”

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After a series of questions from Democrats, Republicans on the Senate Committee on Ethics and Elections finally confirmed Ladapo’s appointment. Before he can be legally confirmed, Ladapo must now get During Ladapo’s initial confirmation hearing late last month, Democrats on the Senate Committee on Health Policy rushed out of the room before voting, accusing Ladapo of ducking questions about the state’s coronavirus response. Approval from the whole Senate.