17 February 2021 Kundali Bhagya Written Update: Karan reached the bedroom of Preeta, Sarla heard the decision.
17 February 2021 Kundali Bhagya Written Update: Karan reached the bedroom of Preeta, Sarla heard the decision.

The high voltage drama is shown in the Kundali Bhagya series. Preeta’s mother, Sarla, angrily took him back from Luthra House. They’re missing each other, Karan and Preeta. At midnight, Karan reaches her house secretly to meet Preeta; Sarla feels that a thief has come into the house. Everybody begins to search for the thief. Sarla finds out that Karan is coming to her house.

You can see that Sarla is asking Karan to leave the house. Sarla is asked by Karan to allow Preeta to go with him to Luthra House. Karan promises Sarla that as she trusts him, he will always stand with Preeta. Karan asks Sarla for permission to go with Preeta.

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You will see, Sarla gets emotional and tells her that he should stay home overnight or come home to pick her up the next morning in the Kundali Bhagya episodes airing on February 17, 2021. Karan pretends to go home but comes back to Preeta’s room. On her wounds, Preeta applies turmeric paste and comes close to it. Karan kisses Preeta on her brow later, calling her Happy Valentine’s Day. Preeta blinks, turning her eyes again.

Will it be interesting to see if Sarala is listening to Karan now? Will it be possible for Preeta to come back to Luthra House? Will his truth reveal itself to all? Only in the episodes to come will this be known. You’ve seen that Sarala is shocked to see Karan at her place. Whatever you want to say, Preeta tells her, tell her now in front of her mother. Sarla says that there is a smile on Preeta’s face. Karan promises Sarla that he will not be with Preeta in that house again.

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You saw in the last episode that Mahir is happy to see Karan alone and says he’s going to make some special Valentine’s plans. Here, when Preeta is sleeping at night, Karan silently comes to meet her. First, Preeta starts killing her like a thief. Then she hugs him when she learns that she’s Karan.