Noah Schnapp, star of 'Stranger Things,' says his favourite song right now is 'Running Up that Hill '
Noah Schnapp, star of 'Stranger Things,' says his favourite song right now is 'Running Up that Hill '

Since the release of Stranger Things in 2016, Noah Schnapp has become a household name. The ’80s-themed thriller returns on July 1 for the second half of its fourth season, and fans are waiting with bated breath.

Eating is an important part of the 17-year-old actor’s life, just as it is in the latest season of Stranger Things. Pizza is his favourite food.

Schnapp desires Surfer Boy Pizza, but which flavour? His favourite dish is cheese pie, but he also enjoys spicy foods. When he craves something spicy, he orders buffalo chicken pizza. “I believe it’s excellent.”

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Craft service applesauce packages are Scnhapp’s guilty pleasure. “I also enjoy goldfish and my tbh (vegan hazelnut spread),” he adds. “I like crispy foods with a hint of salt and sweetness.” For honestly, I’d dip something salty in it, like a cracker or something.”

Schnapp’s vegan hazelnut spread inspired a collaboration with Sprinkles, who will release a limited-time cupcake flavour with a “better for you” snack food favourite. Sprinkles bakeries across the country will sell special Chocolate Hazelnut Cupcakes on July 1 and 2. “It’s a dark chocolate cake with oozing chocolate in the middle,” he explains. “Then there’s the cream cheese icing.” It’s delectable.

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Schnapp is not a vegan, but he intended for everyone to appreciate him. “I love that my hazelnut spread is vegan since I get so many requests from individuals looking for a decent vegan spread,” he adds.

Schnapp’s ideal TV party would include salty-sweet munchies. His table would be set with chips, salsa, and popcorn mix. “Maybe popcorn and M&Ms,” he says. I like popcorn and a nice movie.

Scnhapp remains concerned despite years of performance. A snack before bedtime calms him down. He orders peanut butter toast and tbh. “I have that before bed every night.”

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When Schnapp misses home, he desires his mother’s pasta. He adores pasta. “A lovely spaghetti with red sauce is just right.”

Schnapp is not a picky eater and will eat anything except two foods. “Anchovies and canned tuna,” he says, “I’m done.” I’ll try almost anything.

What songs are on this ’80s actor’s dinner party playlist? “I think ‘Running Up That Hill’ ought to be addressed,” Schnapp says. It is also my favourite. “The NeverEnding Story” is a Stranger Things classic.