Arrested US Teen Had Ammunition In Lunchbox In Addition To Bringing Rifle To School
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The AR-15 semi-automatic gun and ammunition were allegedly brought by a high school student in Phoenix, Arizona, and were hidden in a lunch box, according to CNN. The student was detained on Friday. According to Phoenix police, they arrived to Maryvale’s Bostrom High School just before 1 o’clock in the afternoon and discovered the student carrying the rifle. The student’s lunch box and bag, according to the police, both contained ammunition.

According to Donna Rossi, director of communications for the Phoenix police, the school went into lockdown “as soon as school officials were informed of the possible gun on campus.” The lockdown lasted somewhat longer than an hour, according to a district official.

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According to Phoenix police, “We commend those who originally reported the potential presence of a weapon on school property to adults on campus who immediately called police.”

The 15-year-old boy, who was not named because he is a child, was still in police custody as of Saturday, according to a statement from the police. The Pinal County Attorney’s Office filed two felony charges against him for gun possession and interfering with or disrupting a school.

”As we mentioned on Friday, we got a complaint from a student that there might have been a gun on campus. Local police enforcement was notified right away by our team, who came on the location and verified the information as accurate. The Phoenix Police Department is conducting an investigation, and we will fully assist them. We shall take additional safety precautions tomorrow out of an excess of caution.

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As you are aware, our kids’ and employees’ safety is always our top priority and a team effort. We appreciate the people who alerted a responsible adult about the situation, as well as our employees and the Phoenix Police Department, who were on campus right away. We are aware of the gravity of the situation and the fear and worry it instills in our employees and students. For children and staff who may require it, we will have social-emotional assistance available at school,” said principal Michelle Gutierrez de Jimenez in a statement.

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Authorities did not disclose the boy’s means of acquisition or whether he had any justification for bringing the gun to school.

Numerous recent mass shootings in the US, notably the one that occurred earlier this month in a Texas mall, have been linked to the employment of AR-15-style rifles as weapons. The rifles are semi-automatic since they automatically reload after each shot and shoot one round every trigger pull.