Official Chinese media reports that the second black box has yet to be discovered in the jet crash
Official Chinese media reports that the second black box has yet to be discovered in the jet crash

Official media stated on Friday that the second black box from the wrecked Chinese passenger jet has yet to be found, contradicting an earlier declaration that it had been recovered from the accident site.

The second black box has been retrieved, according to the state-run China Daily, which cited the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC). The state-run news agency Xinhua said that the second black box had not been recovered, according to the daily.

The black box could hold crucial information on the tragedy, which is thought to have killed 132 people.

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Officials said the first black box, which they believe is the Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR), is being deciphered in a facility in Beijing, and data downloading and analysis are underway. The flight data recorder was supposed to be in the second black box in the back of the plane (FDR). The flight data recorder records speed, altitude, and direction, as well as pilot actions and system performance.

As China Eastern Airlines aircraft MU5735 plummeted from 29,100 feet to 9,075 feet in less than two minutes and 15 seconds, landing into a hilly terrain, the data from the Cockpit Voice Recorder was eagerly awaited.

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The idea that the data storage unit of the cockpit voice recorder was damaged cannot be ruled out at this time, according to Zhu Tao, chief of the Civil Aviation Administration of China’s aviation safety office.

Hu Xiaobing, a professor at the Civil Aviation University of China’s School of Safety Science and Engineering, told state-run CGTN that the vertical nature of this disaster is rare. The pilots may have already passed out for some reason unknown to him during the fast descent of the plane, he believes.

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On Monday, a Boeing 737-800 airliner carrying 132 passengers and crew crashed in a village in Wuzhou’s Tengxian County. So yet, no survivors have been discovered.

According to Liu Xiaodong, chief of the airline’s marketing department, China Eastern Airlines and its subsidiaries have temporarily grounded 223 Boeing 737-800 aircraft, and the airline has begun a sweeping safety overhaul.

All grounded planes are being checked and maintained to verify that they meet airworthiness criteria, according to Liu.

By Thursday morning, 305 relatives of the 56 passengers on board the downed jet had gathered in Wuzhou, with over 200 relatives visiting the crash site, according to Liu.

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Pieces of the wrecked passenger plane’s engine wreckage were discovered on Thursday.

The main impact point of the plane crash has been mostly determined, according to Zhu, who also stated that most of the jet wreckage was spread within a 30-meter radius of the main impact point, with a depth of roughly 20 metres underground.

According to Zheng Xi, the chief of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region’s fire department, a total of 183 pieces of aircraft wreckage, some victims’ remains, and 21 pieces of victims’ property have been found and handed over to the investigation team.

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