Binghamton's New Year's First Baby Born at 5:11 AM
Binghamton's New Year's First Baby Born at 5:11 AM

Binghamton has the first child of the new year.

Avannah Jade Oakley was born to DeMonte Oakley and Ashton Seymour on Friday morning at 5:11 am.

She weighed between 10 ounces and six pounds, and she was nineteen inches long.

Her parents, like Avannah’s grandparents, who Ashton says ogled the new arrival this morning, are understandably excited about having her.

Seymour says that her family provides the best support she could want, which is ideal for young parents.

She says that holding her daughter has been surreal for the very first time.

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We always knew that once we got the 3D ultrasound, she would have her dad’s nose. She kind of has half and a half of her eyes because they’re kind of hazel, and I’ve got blue eyes. A boyfriend of mine has brown eyes. Everything else is me and him, fifty-fifty,’ she said.

Seymour says her mother was happy, but at first, her father was on the verge of being the youngest daughter in the family.

Those reservations have gone away for obvious reasons.

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Oakley’s mother was over the moon, eager to become a grandmother.